Hawaiian Healing Mist™ The Natural Topical Skin Spray

Hawaiian Healing Mist
Hawaiian Healing Mist
Item# HMM136

Product Description

Hawaiian Healing Mist is a natural topical skin spray formulated by combining six of the most effective herbal ingredients to fight against infectious and fungal agents. Noni leaf, lilikoi fruit, aloe, chamomile, turmeric root and clove are blended according to Bioponic's proprietary formula. It helps to relieve the associated symptoms from rashes, sunburns, external infections from bacteria, insects bites, psoriasis, eczema, minor skin cuts, bruises, fungus, athletes foot, acne and other skin disorders. Hawaiian Healing Mist is an effective, natural and safe formula for use in skin care. It helps sooth the skin and promotes the healing process.

Available in 1 oz. bottle