Flight Spray™ The First Nasal Hydration Spray for Airline Travelers

Flight Spray
Flight Spray
Item# FS129

Product Description

Flight Spray is the first natural nasal hydration spray formulated especially for airline travelers. Used to moisten the nasal passages and alleviate nasal dryness, Flight Spray supports health and well being. It helps prevent colds, flu and sore throats due to recycled airplane air and close proximity to those with transmittable symptoms. Flight Spray helps to enhance the body’s immune ability to fight against infection, and clears the sinuses during long flights. This new natural nasal spray is formulated by combining two of the most effective herbal ingredients (Turmeric root and Spearmint), used in the treatment of nasal ailments. It helps to relieve the symptoms associated with common colds, and chronic sinusitis. The ingredients provide an unsuitable environment in the respiratory tract for germs and viruses to reproduce. Effective at the first signs of nasal dryness, Flight Spray can be used during airplane flights, on the go, while traveling, in a crowd, or anytime natural nasal relief is desired.

Available in 1 oz. pump spray bottle