Auntie Mahi Poe Poe’s Original La’au Lapa’au Tonics™

Auntie Mahi Poe Poe’s<BR>Original La’au Lapa’au Tonics
Auntie Mahi Poe Poe’s Original La’au Lapa’au Tonics™ are created using the Company’s proprietary production protocols for the preparation of the La'au (plant) ingredients, under the direction of the noted Hawaiian healer and kahuna, Auntie Mahi Poe Poe. Fresh Hawaiian grown herbs and materials are brought into the distillation process where the medicinal essence of each plant is extracted.

The hydrosol essences are blended according to the traditional Hawaiian medica and Auntie's special La'au Lapa'au formulas. We use the finest organic and wildcrafted ingredients, grown under the optimum growing conditions of Hawaii. There are no preservative or additives used only the La'au and fresh filtered water. Auntie’s health tonics are formulated by combining the most effective herbal ingredients to treat a wide variety of ailments and can be used to restore health and prevent disease.

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